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Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 2.47.54 PM” Shifting skin ” tattoos in augmented reality
The Australian artist Alison Bennett, in the exhibition ” Shifting skin” , transformed into works of art tattoos three-dimensional animated thanks to a mobile application in augmented reality.
Padua , 28/08/2013 ( BUSINESS WIRE) – In the art world in augmented reality a tattoo can turn into a three-dimensional dynamic subject , and the skin becomes a map to be analyzed in its different facets.

In exploring this new dimension to the art of drawing on the skin is the Australian visual artist Alison Bennett . The exhibition ” Shifting skin” , held at the Deakin University Art Gallery in Melbourne, is an exhibition of photographs of tattoos , already performed on the body of some subjects , to be observed with a mobile device with the software produced by Aurasma augmented reality .
Motion pictures that are displayed by framing photographs are the product of a scan of the surface of the tattooed skin , which is analyzed as a material with different depths , a map precisely , but also a strange tissue from the plot varied . The effect , alienating and fascinating at the same time, it is also the result of the application of augmented reality to the design of the tattoo, which becomes animated three-dimensional work , can come alive and floating in virtual space.

The multiple meanings of an ancient and enigmatic as that of drawing on the human body are then enriched and transformed into an immersive experience from augmented reality.

For more information about the exhibition
To learn more about augmented reality and its applications


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