mashable-shiftingskinShifting Skin‘ was an exhibition mid-way through my ‘creative practice as research’ PhD at Deakin University as a member of the Motion Lab research group.

I have always been fortunate with publicity but the twitter era has taken me by surprise. This blog is an attempt to map the impact of a story going ‘viral’.

It is difficult to accurately quantify the reach and impact. The blog below is my approach to making sense of this. It was a little bemusing and overwhelming at first. As a visual artist, it is rewarding to have my work connect with a wider audience.

I do not know how most of these stories were seeded. It is possible that it started when the cult status cyber-punk author, William Gibson, re-tweeted the information about the show to his 120k twitter followers on 25th July, the day after the exhibition opened. I sent him a link because his novel ‘Spook Country’ was one of the sources that lead to the development of the work.

There were a number of websites picked up the story: Time Out, The Melbourne Review, Lost at E Minor, Eterea in Peru …

PSFK, a New York based website offering a “daily innovation briefing with news from advertising, design, retail & technology industries” , did story on 15 August and tweeted to their 83k twitter followers. This seeded to a number of other sites who shared the story (tagged with ‘via PSFK‘ in this blog).

On 19th August, did a video report on the exhibition based on the content of my website,

Video report by Mashable 19 August 2013

See the webpage here:

Within a couple of hours, the story had been shared around 1,000 times. Mashable then tweeted the story to their 3.4 MILLION followers and the pace picked up again. At the time of writing this post, the story had been ‘shared’ 4.6k times directly from the Mashable website.


There was a second flurry of stories in early October when stories appeared in the Cassandra Report, Consumer Lab, and the Mashable video appeared on Hufftington Post.



The posts below are in roughly chronological order, from most recent to oldest at the bottom. In the right hand side is a live feed of two twitter searches.



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